Halsey will publish her poetry collection named “I Would Leave Me If I Could” in November

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The American singer-songwriter will release her first collection of poetry, entitled “I would leave Me If I Could,” on November 10 via Simon & Schuster.
“I would leave Me If I Could” tackles many of an equivalent subjects that Halsey explores across her discography, including the highs and lows of doomed relationships, family ties, sexuality and mental disease .
“Poetry infuses everything Halsey does — from music to painting and performing — so it’s few surprise she’s so gifted with verse. We were immediately captivated by her poems the way millions are by her music,” Stephanie Frerich, executive editor at Simon & Schuster, said of the 144-page book during a statement.
Additionally, the outline of “I would go away Me If I Could” promises “more hand-grenades than confessions” that collectively “explore and dismantle conventional notions of what it means to be a feminist in search of power.” apart from writing all the autobiographical poems featured in “I would go away Me If I Could,” Halsey created the first painting “American Woman” for the book cover.

While “I Would Leave Me If I Could” marks Halsey’s first literary endeavor, the Grammy Award-nominated artist has previously been recognized for her talents as a songwriter in the music industry.
Last April, Halsey received the prestigious Hal David Starlight award at the 50th Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Dinner. The award is given each year to a talented young songwriter who has made a “significant impact” on the music industry through their songwriting, with past honorees including Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Nick Jonas and Sara Bereilles.
“Halsey bares her soul with heart-wrenching, rebellious and complex lyrics that come from a place of creativity and strength where not many songwriters are comfortable going,” Songwriters Hall of Fame president and CEO Linda Moran said at the time.


Source: prestigeonline.com

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