Chris Brown on rehab shared a nostalgic VIDEO

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Whilst Chris Brown was in a rehab facility, his own song ‘Loyal’ became the one of the biggest track on the planet.
As the music video for Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Tyga’s massive hit song ‘Loyal’ reached one billion views on YouTube, Breezy though to look back on what was happening in his life at that time in a new post on Instagram.
As he faces break up rumours with girlfriend Ammika Harris, as well as recently hitting out after being dragged into the Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion shooting narrative, Chris Brown has been in a mood to reminisce following his new achievement.
Taking to Instagram, Breezy said, “When we did this video I was in a (rehab)facility and they only allowed me to leave from 11 to 11 so I could film this. I was then incarcerated when the song released.”
He went on to say, “Loyal became the number 1 song on the charts when i was locked up. My journey has never been a smooth one but the road I travel on has no shortcuts and no do overs..FULL SPEED AHEAD… #LIVELEGENDARY THANK YALL FOR BELIEVING IN ME!!!!!! 1 BILLION VIEWS [sic]”.
Followers were really quick to celebrate Breezy’s recent achievement with one person commenting, “Y’all ain’t gone give him his flowers til he gone. Chris the greatest of our generation”.


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