Celine Dion’s New Home In Las Vegas Worth Over $1 Million

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The singer purchased a mansion in Henderson, Nevada, which she uses as her home base for when she’s in Vegas.
When it comes to one of the biggest vocalists in today’s industry, only a few people come to mind, and one of those people is none other than the incredible, Celine Dion. The Canadian born singer grew up in a large musical family and began her singing career at the young age of 12.
Since then, Celine Dion has not only become a staple figure in Québec and throughout Canada, but she is recognized worldwide for being one of the most talented and best selling female artists to date, a title she shares alongside fellow singers Mariah Carey and Madonna.
With an incredible career, Celine Dion took things to the next level after she signed a deal with Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas for her very own residency in 2005. This was a first for a star as big as Celine, and she would soon find that Las Vegas would become her forever home. The singer purchased a mansion in Henderson, Nevada, which she uses as her home base for when she’s in Vegas, however, could it be that she’s moving there permanently? Let’s find out.
Her Move To Las Vegas
Celine Dion has been considered one among the foremost successful and talented singers so far , and that we don’t doubt that for one single bit. The singer has gained worldwide success with hit songs like “My Heart Will Go On”, “Alive” and “Because you liked Me.” Not only has she gained many awards and accolades over the course of her career, but she has also started one among the most important trends amongst esteemed singers.
Celine Dion made her move over to Las Vegas back in 2003 when she signed a deal for a residency with Caesar’s Palace. The hotel built a 4,000 seat arena inspired by the Roman Colosseum. Celine’s residency, which was called “A New Day”, was an instant success and sold out every single show.
In addition to her success on the Vegas Strip, Celine Dion was one of the first of many iconic singers to start a residency. Since Celine, singers such as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have all followed suit and had residencies of their own over the last decade. Considering how popular Celine Dion is, it’s no surprise that she managed to spend 17 years performing in Vegas.
Residency To Full Time Resident
As mentioned, Celine Dion spent a whopping 17 years working on the Las Vegas Strip. The Colosseum and Caesar’s Palace became her second home, and it had been estimated that Celine Dion was making nearly $500,000 per show, yes, that’s right, half 1,000,000 dollars per show. meaning with 3-5 shows per week, Celine was making on the average , $2 million per month, which was during her earlier residency days.
Considering she has spent so much time in Vegas, it only made sense for Celine to purchase a home in Vegas that would serve as her home base while she was performing. The star purchased a stunning $1.2 million home in Henderson, Nevada that she had custom-built for herself and her family.
The home includes a massive pool and outdoor space, three large bedrooms, fit for herself and three kids, endless washrooms and powder rooms, entertainment room, home bar, and access to a semi-private golf course, making it quite the property. While that may come across as a lot for a temporary home, as she would still travel for other job-related reasons, however, when you are worth well over $800 million, then a $1.2 million house really doesn’t do too much damage.
Celine’s Forever Home
Celine Dion is not any stranger to owning properties. The singer features a number of homes in Québec, one among which is found in Montréal, and in fact , her $45 million mansion in Florida. Although she has a powerful roster of homes, Celine has since listed both her Montreal and Florida home purchasable .
This sparked a lot of rumors that Celine would be moving to Las Vegas permanently with her three sons, René, Nelson, and Eddy Angélil. While Dion has not confirmed whether or not she will be residing in Las Vegas for good, it is the only theory that makes sense considering she is getting rid of her two other remaining homes.
Although she is currently on a break from performing at Caesar’s Palace, Celine Dion is very much in need of a break, which she is currently taking at the Henderson, Nevada home. With nearly 1,200 performance under her belt, it’s safe to say that whether she will live in Vegas permanently or not, Vegas will still be her forever home, as it should be.


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